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November 23-24, 2023
Venue to be confirmed

Key subjects of the IMAC 2023 Congress:

  • Nanostructuring of the T-cell receptor organization and signaling for immunotherapy;
  • Individual approach to the treatment of severe bronchial asthma based on phenotypes. What is important for patients and physicians?
  • Mechanisms of virus-induced recrudescences of allergic bronchial asthma;
  • Allergens in domestic animals and their extracts, value for diagnosis and treatment;
  • Screening technologies for the development of new immunotherapy-based drugs;
  • Allergen molecules as biomarkers for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis for the allergy to pollen and domestic animals;
  • Genetic restriction of antigen presentation determines allergic sensitization and disease symptoms;
  • From scientific evidence to clinical practice. Success story;
  • Clinical experience of immunotherapy with recombinant allergens;
  • Evolution of combined bronchodilators. How to improve performance for a patient?
  • ASIT: Quo vadis? (Where we go?)
  • Immunobiological therapy for immune-mediated skin diseases. Conversation of allergic immunologist and dermatologist.
  • Flow cytometry: modern opportunities for a clinician.
  • Biological therapy - from molecular mechanisms to clinical practice.
  • Molecular mechanisms of antihistamines clinical efficacy;
  • COVID-19 and vaccination

Key speakers



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